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Tricked Again

Now You See Me 2 – the briefest review possible

Paid good money to watch it

Sat at the edge of the seat from start to end

And got out scratching my head

This flick is pure magic, pure nonsensical magic

In fact there is no magic at all, it is just show off

The story is as flimsy as it can be,

The old, completely threadbare vendetta theme is evoked again

To loosely tie up an unremitting series of action

There is some pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo thrown in

As a decoy

To give the film a veneer of intelligence (totally diaphanous)

Anyway, it is a clever sleight of hand

From Hollywood

Which leaves you dumb founded..

But then, you have always been dumb

You just found out


Watch it to Forget it…

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