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OKRA – Culinary Atyachaar

March 9, 2010 1 comment

There is only one way that I can describe this restaurant – “Culinary Atyachaar”. It was an absolute antithesis to the promise held out by the menu card – “Life’s too short for average food!”. This unique combination of sloppy service, uncouth interiors and unmitigated arrogance, cryptically named “Okra” is located at the end of the first corridor on the left when you enter the DLF Supermart-1 atrium. The fatal attraction of the name propelled me across the threshold despite misgivings triggered by a torn carpet and the smutty, cobwebbed stack of chairs that guarded the entrance. Even though the timing was from 12 noon till midnight, the restaurant was desolate when we reached at 1.00 PM.

We settled for Veg and Non-veg Galauti Kebab and Parantha which was all they had, by the way. For the next 40 minutes or so we gloomily marveled at scored, grimy pink walls and two garishly framed paintings as hollow music played on a Sony home theatre system. A/c was turned on grudgingly after a while and the waiters walked about listlessly. The owner meanwhile began a noisy business discussion spread-eagled on a chair next to our table. Our complaint that the Veg-Kebab was soggy and too salty was peremptorily acknowledged for the sake of pretense and swiftly discarded. The Non-veg Kebab was below par. The only measure of redemption was the crisp Ulta Tawa Parantha. The mineral water we ordered considering the not so hygienic ambience came at the punitive rate of Rs.25.00.

Apart from an overwhelming desire to fleece unsuspecting customers there doesn’t seem to have any other raison d’être for this restaurant. The menu card boasted that “If you don’t love it, don’t pay”. Macabre humour or misplaced confidence, hard to say. Visit this Awadhi abomination at your own peril for it doesn’t rise an iota beyond catchphrases.

Non-Veg Galauti Kebab (4 pieces) – Rs.90.00
Veg Galauti Kebab (4 pieces) – Rs.80.00
Ulta Tawa Parantha – Rs.20.00 each
Aquafina (1 Litre bottle) – Rs.25.00

No rating, only a warning. Go at your risk.

OKRA Restaurant
A-133, Supermart-1
DLF Phase-IV
Tel: 0124-4080394

OKRA Menu at Foodiebay: Click Here

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My favourite ebook sites

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I do not endorse ebook piracy. But all said and done, there are several sites where you could obtain free ebooks, sometimes even of recent releases. It did not surprise me to find an e-copy of Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” on the net, the day it was published.

Listed below are my favourite ebook sites:
The ultimate free ebook website. All you need is to search for the author/ title and presto… you have it. Well, not  that easily.  But it is definitely a treasure house for ebooks.
Similar to scribd. Here is your chance to exercise your search skills. The results could surprise you.
My personal favourite. A literature buff’s closely guarded site. I do not reveal it to many.  Here you would find literary gems that are not available anywhere else on the net. A jewel in the crown.

 The best ebook search engine I have come across:

I also search and for ebooks. These offer links to rapidlibrary or megaupload from where you can download the ebooks.

Insatiable bibliomaniacs, please check this link for an excellent listing of 20 best free ebook web sites.

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