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National Anthem

February 5, 2010 1 comment

Saif Ali Khan was awarded Padma Shri.
This created a furore.
An agonized Bal Thakeray penned the epic ‘Padma Ghotala’
Taporifying Saif,
Unalloyed jealousy I would say
Bishnoi’s staged a protest
Didn’t understand what for..
The nation debated for a while
And lost interest
If Obama can win the Nobel, then
Saif might as well keep the Padma Shree
Tit for Tat…
Salman Khan and Rakhi Sawant will have to wait till
Next year, sad to say..

And Shah Rukh Khan?
Oh, he has his cup full..
With Shiv Sena baying for his blood..
The entire clan is out
Fangs bared, claws extended
Tigers on rampage
Burning posters and effigies
That’s all they are capable of
Paper tigers, burning bright…
Setting fire to buses
Making life miserable
On the streets of Mumbai
Reasserting their claim to
Being the real tapori’s
The real idiots
A senile man and two jerks
Screwing up lives
Fragmenting a nation forged out of non violence and suffering
Through their divisive politics
And mindless violence
Speak Marathi if you want to live here, they yell
What for?
Language is for communication
Why stuff it down our throats
But they slap, they coerce,
They rip off our clothes
The police, impotent
Standby and watch the fun
No law to shackle the goons
No will to restrain
Treating these thugs with kid gloves
Sterility masquerading as legendary tolerance!

Narendra Modi
The author of “My experiments with carnage”
Believes that politics
Is the means to alleviate poverty
So we are told
By none other than Nitin Gadkari
The BJP president
It seems Gandhiji believed it too…
Reflected glory
Or the meeting of Titans?
Great minds think alike! [Chorus]
Modi is a man of many faces
We have seen but a few…
The revelation…
The saintly incarnation..
The angel in the demon..
The true Avataar..
It might soon come to pass
Let us suspend disbelief
And wipe off that silly smirk…

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Bang for your buck

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment
Hi all, I am back again. Have been busy with work for some time. I really admire those who can balance their jobs, home and still find time to blog.
 So much have happened in the meantime. Diwali has come and gone. We too hung neon lights and lighted diyas. There were fireworks, crackers and rockets. Surprisingly, this year Delhi recorded lesser atmospheric pollution but greater noise pollution. Crackers have become costly. Probably to compensate for it sound effects have been vastly enhanced. Sort of more “bang” for your buck, literally.
 Obama received the controversial Nobel Prize. Did he deserve it? Obama himself expressed reservations, but decided to keep the prize, all the same. How modest. Well, he’s carrying a huge burden of expectations on his shoulders. And he has promised more bang for the buck. Bang, bang, bang, bang… And the buck, ask the prize committee which sold out to the bang.
 Then there were the usual slew of disasters. Flooding in Andhra, Karnataka and Orissa, Philippines, Polynesia. Yesterday there was a train mishap at Mathura. People died. I sometimes wonder how I can be so indifferent to such disturbing news. Somehow I seem to think that such things cannot happen to me. As if I have been granted divine immunity. And I desperately want to believe it. Anyways, I banged my head against the staircase yesterday evening. I was engrossed in my supermarket bill. The staircase must have noticed it. Before I had a chance to say, Hello, move over a bit, there it was, bang, and gifted me a gooseberry on the forehead. That shook me out of the philosophical reverie and reinforced the principle that  life comes with no guarantees. No replacement and at best only marginal repair. Better increase the insurance cover. One never know when a real bang  will come and get all your bucks.
What else? I have also started believing in chance encounters. One tiny, inconsequential act, one chance question and a whole series of events were set in motion which eventually helped me to get in touch with my college friends and former colleagues. A cosmic, magnetic alignment of iron filings. A mysterious falling into place which I could not logically retrace to the epicenter. There was one obvious, omnipresent catalyst to the process. Internet and social networking sites. Now, that is definitely more bang for no bucks.
Well, I have been banging around a lot now.  There will be more of it in the days to come. After all, we have an eternity to lay waste…
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