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God Forbid

What does the word “Forbidden Flower” suggest to you?
An exquisite blossom, intoxicatingly fragrant, dazzling, rare and impossible to find?
Or a mystic goddess, a divine virgin, wild, pure, unattainable?
Or a siren, dangerous and captivating, who would lure you to death?
Or a musical composition of magical beauty?
Or a deadly, devilish perfume?

None of these, not any more….
You are absolutely wrong, my friend..

Because “Forbidden Flower” is a SHOWER GEL!!!!
That’s it, it is a shower gel you would squeeze out of a plastic bottle and apply over you body and wash out..    Anti climax!!!

From now on, when you hear this phrase, all you could think of would be this damn liquid..
Your imagination is violated, corrupted, polluted…
You can’t even think of a plastic flower when you come across forbidden flower…
All you can manage would be a sardonic smile…

But it is not unusual..
When everything is subjugated to advertisement and all that we can utter are catch words, such idiotic, incongruent use of words is bound to proliferate…

You can call a rose a rose or horse shit, but it would smell just as sweet, Shakespeare said something to that effect long back….

He was such a visionary… Now we blindly follow his adage and call shower gels forbidden flowers….

After all, what’s in a name…
In a digital world where verbs, nouns and all the other grammatical paraphernalia are undergoing such transformation, when words are chopped into acronyms to fit character limits and ease of texting in social media, when the word meaning is losing meaning, when all conversation is reduced to chatter, then shower gels with absurd names are not unusual…

I am sure there is a toilet paper called “smooth scroll”, or an underwear called “midnight touch” out somewhere…
All the world is a marketing gimmick. Washing yourself with “Forbidden” flower is even mildly titillating…

Time to get a shower….

Forbidden Flower

Aside: Came across a name during my Kerala visit this year – “Apoorva Darshini”. All I could think of was that this girl probably had a severe shortage of attendance in class…

Priya Darshini is fine. But Apoorva Darshini? Rarely Seen OR Strange to See? A meaningful word applied out of context… How can it be a name. Maybe I’m tuning cynical…

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