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Identity Crisis

They find the body on the moor
Unknown male
No identification
They trace the man
With character
Far from where
He chose to die
They checked
His behavior
His conversations
With an information desk
Which did not
Recollect him
They examined
The poison bottle
Confirmed his
Cause of death
They found the
Titanium implant
On his femur
And traced it
To Pakistan
The poison bottle
Also came from
The man was old
They tried to trace
His records
Based on the needs
Of his infirmities
And drew a blank
He committed
Suicide (probably)
On a desolate
Stretch of the moor
Near Manchester
Earned a name
And a Number
No one paid
When he was alive
He was just another
Old man in the street
Now, posthumous
He’s viral
On the Web
Lying frozen in a morgue
Awaiting his
No motives
No papers
No credit cards
Just him
A few pounds
His clothes
For the weather
Just walked In
Lied down
Died without a fuss
Can’t tell his story
Left to police
To piece it together
A Whodunit!
He did it
Did he?
A trick
A conundrum
The train ticket
The train ticket
The train ticket
The long journey
The long journey
The long journey
The intent
The way to the
Top of the mountain
The conjectures
The surmises
The gruesome history
Of the moor
The stories
The hypothesis
The police work
The news
The mystery
The impressions
On the reader
The mans thoughts
My thoughts
The letters on the
PC screen
The photographs
The interviews
The investigation
The morals
The connections
The pathos
The report
The guy who found
The body
The guy who
Is investigating the
The statistics
Of the unknown dead
The probability
Of identification
The whole
Drama Of It
A quiet
Perhaps Sad
Possibly suicide
Of an Old Man
A posthumous
No one

What happens
When we find a name
And a history
Of the dead body
What happens then?
That is the
End of the Man on the Moor
Demystified and Truly Dead
And erased from all memory


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