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Digital dragnet

Future Crimes – Marc Goodman

Future Crimes

Everything is connected, so we are in big trouble: hackers, stalkers, criminals are going to get us online and offline. Social networking and search engine big wigs are stealing bits and pieces of us we voluntarily publish on the net and hand over to criminals, rogue governments, sophisticated crime syndicates. The drones are out. Our genomes will be hacked. Terrorists, drug traffickers, pedophiles haunt Darknet, the subterranean internet beyond the reach of Google. Bitcoin and other encrypted digital currencies will aid Crime Inc. IoT (Internet of Things) will spell our doom. Cars will be hacked. Prosthetics will be hacked. Plant control systems and traffic controls will be invaded by lethal worms such as Stuxnet. Governments spy on us. We are vulnerable in this connected world and we are totally unprotected, unaware and unprepared to face the impending dangers. Our antivirus software are wholly inadequate against the onslaught of Trojans, malware’s that are churned out by the millions evey year by Crime Inc. Soon mankind will drown in this digital grey-goo. We are at the inflexion of an exponential curve of digital growth which is poised to transform from the hitherto 2D world to 3D via developments in 3D printing, robotics, synthetic biology etc. The path forward is strewn with technological, moral, ethical, strategic challenges which require a paradigm shift in thought and decision making.

What do we do. Be careful when you connect to internet. Use VPN. Use firewall. Use application white listing. Use safe browsers. Do not use admin rights on PC while browsing internet. Keep software up to date. Other wise it’s calamity, catastrophe, doom. That’s the basic message of the book.

Not sure of it’s all hyperbole or hyper-paranoia. It’s fascinating reading if you are interested in the subject. The writing is sensational. The promotional video at the book’s website looks like the trailer of a thriller. Be your own judge. Hopefully the potential terrors mentioned may never come to pass. In my view, one should not take the book at face value; at the same time I doubt if one should lose sleep over a digital invasion and disruption of normal life at this juncture. Again I could be wrong. Only time can tell and it usually keeps it’s mouth shut until it’s all over…….


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