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Still donkey…

There was this donkey.. From where we stood at the start of the road he/ she/ it looked like a statue…. We thought it was a statue till we drew near and saw he/ she/ it fidget… Just a little bit. A miracle before our eyes.. miracle of creation… breathing of life into stillness, the way Almighty did long long ago…

We were walking to Karthea in the island of Kea… This was Greece… ancient, land of many Gods… Zeus, Olympia, Athena, Apollo,…..the whole pantheon… a miracle was expected and it was granted.

I always had a thing about donkeys… always admired their quiet dignity… the only creatures who really practiced Zen… No wonder modern man found them worthy of derision… their placidity the very antithesis to our fretfulness… Philosophy again… This was Greece and one could not but philosophize…

But, we have a long walk to Karthea… So long donkey…And we walk away from the stillness of the donkey…

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