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Up In The Air

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This weekend was wonderful. The heat had abated a bit. We went for a long walk early Saturday morning and in the evening we went parasailing. Our instructor was Sq. Ldr. SPS Kaushik. At 5.15 PM Saturday we followed his jeep to the open ground beside Powergrid office, next to Leisure Valley. An obstinate wind kicked up billowing clouds of brown dust, driving it into our hair, eyes and nostrils. The crew immediately set about unfurling and fixing up the parachute while we donned the harness and helmet and got ready for the flight. Earlier, during a visit to Pattaya in Thailand we had done parasailing over the ocean. This was the first time we were attempting in terra firma.

Tall and handsome, Sq. Ldr. Kaushik was a charmer. Dark glasses and military green outfit gave him the semblance of an aviator. He claimed to have countless sky dives to his credit which made him numero uno in Asia and second in the world. He had led the Indian sky diving team as well. We were in expert hands.

Once the wind slackened a bit, my harness was hooked to the parachute. A tow rope connected the parachute to the jeep. I was given a short safety debriefing and couple of reassuring slaps on the back. The parachute jerked me backward as it caught the wind.  I bobbed up and down and swung sideways like a pendulum as it gradually lifted. The jeep lurched forward yanking the rope taut and swept me off the ground. “I WAS AIRBORNE!!!!” It felt fantastic, beyond words. Suspended in the air, I flapped my hands and looked at high rises, trees, Metro and the express highway that made up the vista. From time to time I glanced up at the multi coloured parachute to make sure it was supporting me for good. Down below the jeep sped on. I felt like cutting off the umbilical that connected me to it and floating away. I could become like Trishanku, suspended forever between heaven and earth. The fantasy was quickly dispelled as I descended. It was the shortest three minutes of my life. Such an anticlimax! The tinge of frustration that coloured the excitement of the flight was difficult to suppress. As the Sq. Ldr explained later, this sport was addictive, despite the risks. Once you have tasted it you remained captive forever. He had himself been injured number of times during sky dives, but always returned. I couldn’t agree with him more.

Squadron Leader SPS Kaushik,
28/29, Salasar Vatika IVth, Nivaru Road,
Jhotwara, Jaipur

Tel.: 0141-2173288
Mobile:9414305121, 9413089901, 9278643185

Single Flight – Rs.500.00
Three Flights – Rs.1200.00
A little on the steeper side, I guess

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