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Political Cannibalism – In defense of Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor stepped down as Minister of State for External Affairs today. Made me real unhappy.  I felt particularly sad because IPL, a highly commercialized version of the game that keeps half the country glued to the idiot box, provided the context for his resignation. His (forced!) resignation is well deserved in case Tharoor misused his office. However there is no shred of evidence which proved his involvement in the IPL bid process. He had to step down on the basis of accusations.

Tharoor was capable, honest, forthright, intelligent and well meaning. We all know that these are not the qualities that makes a good politician. Funnily, Tharoor knew it well too, as his book The Great Indian Novel bears testimony. How do we interpret his current predicament then?

Ever since he took office, the media and political cabal were at his throat. It was seldom appreciated that he was the only minister who twittered, expressed his opinions frankly and openly, attempted to reach out to public and answered their queries in real time while other politicians closely guarded their statements and practiced obfuscation to perfection. Hyperactive TV and print media made headlines of his twitter posts. Sensationalism being its mainstay, media blew the IPL case too out of proportion with scant regard for truth and provided Tharoor’s detractors the opportunity they had been waiting for. That his aptitude and credentials were detested by his associates was evident from the clamour for his resignation that came from within the Congress party and the vociferous opposition. The people who called for his resignation were no saints. In a clear case of the pots calling the kettle black, the criminals, unscrupulous politicians and avaricious businessmen that made up the brigade assumed moral superiority over Tharoor.

Gandhigiri has its limits – Shashi Tharoor wanted to be the change that he wanted to see in Indian politics, but then he hoped to see too much change too fast. The old vanguard who fiercely defended their home turf has dealt him the first blow. But I’m certain that he has sufficient mettle to withstand it and return the punch. The pursuit of personal aggrandizement for which most people join politics cannot be easily replaced with dedication to the service of the nation easily. Purging the Aegean stables is a painful process that would require many sacrifices, but the time will come, Plato’s Republic still has hope, if someone like Shashi Tharoor does not succumb. In Tharoor I perceive the kind of politician I would rather follow. I would prefer him anytime to the Mayawati’s, Shibu Soren’s, Kalyan Singh’s, Advani’s, Shekhawat’s and Modi’s . Best of luck, Mr. Tharoor. May you return vindicated.

P.S: Thanks to Tharoor controversy, the IPL Pandoras box is now open for scrutiny. Wish the real goons get burned big time too….

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