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Summer Relief

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

IT IS HOT!!!! There have been a steep rise in temperature over the past two weeks with mercury touching 43 degree C since yesterday. The blazing sun and torrid heat are hard to bear. We have myriad ways to beat the heat – we apply sunscreen, done dark glasses, turn on fans, coolers and air conditioners, fix sun blocker films on our cars, use umbrellas and caps, gulp down soft drinks, Nimbu Pani or good old plain water to quench the thirst.

What about birds and destitute animals? How will they cope up with the intense heat and dust storms? Summer is a matter of life and death for many of them, be it destitute donkeys and cattle one find on the street or thirsty, desperate birds around our housing complexes. 
We can help some of them. My wife keeps clay bowls filled with water in our balcony. She also sprinkles some grain for good measure. It is a pleasure to watch squirrels, pigeons & mynahs drink water and occasionally take bath. Sometimes they wander inside our house to inspect nooks and corners.  Their chirp and twitter are soothing music to ears. We feel immeasurable satisfaction and a sense of contribution by helping them. I hope you would try it too. It is a small act of charity, but probably goes a long way in aiding these endearing creatures survive summer.

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