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On the Roll

Our quest for trekking gear landed us at Satya Niketan main market, opposite Sree Venkateshwara College on Saturday evening. The place was choke full of students, puffing away astride bikes, showing off biceps, slouching about or browsing books. All around billboards announced tuition for competitive examinations, there were gyms, book stalls, coffee houses and food stalls. We found Adventure 18, the trekking and adventure gear shop we were looking for, at one end of the market. It had all we ever wanted.

Once we were done browsing for gear, stomach took charge and directed us to the countless food stalls along the main market and side streets. One of them, 34 Chowringhee Lane,  seemed to gather a disproportionate share of the clientele, more heads stuck to the counter like flies on jack fruit, than rest of the stalls. Occasionally some heads spun off this dark, buzzing, shifting mass holding large half chewed rolls (Frankies, if you please) and a dreamy look in the eyes. Precisely the epiphany we were waiting for.

Pushing and jostling, I too joined the crowd and managed to place an order for double chicken roll. As I watched, the executive chef took out a glob of dough, flattened it between hands, stretched it with two master strokes of Belan, threw the resultant round bread into the vast Tawa, pressed it a couple of times with hand, flipped over, another hand press, smashed two eggs on it, a quick twirl, another flip, couple of stirs and out came the Parantha n egg base ready for stuffing. Sous-chefs placed chunks of chicken in a straight line along the centre of the Parantha, added a dressing of sliced onion, squeezed lemon juice and poured chilly and tomato sauce over the chicken chunks before wrapping it in tissue paper. I took this exquisite creation reverentially with both hands. The rest is history.

34 Chowringhee Lane
71, Main Market
Satya Niketan
Opp. Venkateshwara College
New Delhi – 110021

Adventure 18 (http://www.adventure18.com/)

Another review of 34 Chowringhee Lane can be found here: Click Here

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