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Shorba Nights

Sunday evening, while returning from shopping we realized there was nothing at home for dinner. One option was Subway at Central Plaza Mall on Golf Course Road. As we parked the car and walked towards Subway we spotted Shreya’s sandwiched between shops. I peered inside through the frosted glass door; done up in beige, the restaurant though small was quite appealing and we decided to give it a shot. Thick glass partition between tables ensured a cozy privacy, marble textured fibre glass tables were lighted from beneath, curtain frills adorned a tall ceiling, the seats were comfortable, ergonomic; it was clean and exuded cocoon warmth on this chilly evening. The mellow lighting was almost soporific, inviting intimacy. Waiters in beige and brown bustled about.

The tables were laid out with ivory tinted plates, matt finish steel bowls and pepper n salt shakers, flaxen dinner napkins and tarnished steel cutlery. Brown, leather-bound menu listed Indian and Chinese. We weren’t particularly hungry and decided to have soup and light snack. I took Murg Shorba (chicken broth) and my wife went for Tamatar Dhania Shorba (tomato and coriander broth). Choice of snack fell on Dahi Ke Kebab which I had never had before.

Roasted papad wrapped carefully in a napkin appeared instantly accompanied by mint chutney. Piping hot Shorba followed soon after, with aromatic vapours lazily swirling upwards.  An ultra brisk waiter thrust a plate of chopped onions and sliced lemon over the table edge. The Murg Shorba was terrific; flavoured medium spicy with a liberal volume of diced chicken. The Tamatar-Dhaniya Shorba was less watery and quite good. Dahi Ke Kebab, six lightly fried pies of strained curd, sprinkled with chopped coriander and chat masala, was presented just as we finished Shorba. The kebab, though bland, left a slightly sour after taste of curd. Inclined towards the spicier side of dining, I didn’t like it much.

The restaurant had two floors – seven tables for four on the ground floor and seating space for twenty on the upper floor. Ground floor is not crammed but not exactly spacious either; the waiters bay and home delivery counters are close to some tables which can be quite disturbing. Footfalls and dragging of furniture from the upper floor can also be annoying. Waiters are a bit boisterous and lack finesse – slamming cup boards, clinking cutlery, fooling around and not very attentive to clients. The menu is not exceptional, but the quality of food, with the limited sampling that we did, was good. It was definitely a popular joint; every table was taken.

Murg Shorba: Rs. 75.00
Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba:
Dahi Ke Kebab:
Rs. 125.00
12.5% VAT and 10 % Service Charge extra.

Cleanliness: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Comment: Definitely worth a try.

G 13 & 28, Central Plaza Mall
Sector – 53, Golf Course Road,
Tel: 0124 – 4077200/ 300

Foodiebay menu of Shreya’s: Link

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