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Berco’s Gurgaon – Better Than “Yet Another”

Yesterday evening my friend took us out to dinner at Berco’s, the Chinese and Thai diner at Sector-53, Gurgaon. The restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of Central Plaza has an open air terrace and an air conditioned section. Staff, clad in purple collared black suits was mostly from North East India. We originally intended to dine in the terrace, but later changed our mind and sat indoors. The brown high back chairs were comfortable. At 7.30 PM the restaurant was practically empty. But, by the time we rose to leave at 9.30 almost all tables were taken.

There was a slight nip in the air and we decided to kick start our culinary adventure with Tomato and Seafood soup. For hors d’oeuvre we ordered Lotus Stem Honey Chili, Singapore Wok Style Fish and Chicken Fried Wonton. Lotus Stem Honey Chili was outstanding and the Tomato Soup was good. However, Seafood Soup and Fish were disappointing. The soup had a disconcerting odour and Wok fish was salty. The Chicken Wonton was ordinary. To relieve the gloom, we made intermittent forays to scoop thin oval slices of lotus stem on our plates.

After that dismal start we decided to forgo our designs on fish and stick to vegetables and the eternal favourite – chicken. Our cautious choices for main course were Chicken Rice & Noodles Shanghai Style, Berco’s Special Noodles (vegetarian), Seven Treasure Vegetables in Creamy Garlic Sauce and Thai Green Curry (vegetarian). The seven treasure vegetables, stir fried broccoli, button mushroom, baby corn, yellow, red and green pepperoni and celery soaked in thick sauce and served in an oblong tray was exceptional. Thai green curry and chicken noodle were nondescript. Berco’s special noodles was anything but special!

This mixed epicurean bag eventually cost us Rs.1465.00 (inclusive of taxes) among 3 people – which is slightly on the higher side considering the quality of food even though the portions were decent. Can’t say the restaurant is a gastronomic delight, but it is worth trying. Before you go, ask around. We’re sure this place can offer excellent value for money, if you are able to make the right choices. Our rating is 6 out of 10.

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