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News for money – media unplugged

Many times I read newspapers or watch TV with deep misgivings.  Not only because of the gory news of encounters, accidents, apocalypse, but also because of a concern for the veracity of news. News has long since ceased to be a straightforward account of facts. It is more or less dished out as cheap thrills and wholesome entertainment these days.

Therefore, it was not surprising at all to read about news for money, the latest brainchild of media. Most of the newspapers and TV channels are either owned by corporate houses intent on profit or by politicians or political parties. Impartial, sensible news is not expected of many of them. Sensationalism rules. When this has been accepted as status quo, then why not go a step further and add a new feather in the cap. Write-up some friendly “news” for a few bucks. Public is dumb anyway.

Trust in public servants we lost long ago. Trust in politicians was never there. TV channels had become mouthpieces of vested interests for some time now. But we still trusted the print media, the Fourth Estate, to deliver truthfully. Now, they too have forfeited the confidence we entrusted.

Who to believe then? When our eyes and ears to the world lie, then our world becomes make believe, a fools paradise.

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