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Dilli Haat

Last weekend we went to Dilli Haat. That’s where I go when I want to add some variety to my daily fare. Incidentally you could also browse through artifacts from different states as well. Looking at the place, small brick stalls selling anything from bronze sculptures and Pashmina shawls to cushions and straw mats, one would never imagine that it is located on top of a sewage system.

Anyways, one section of Dilli Haat is devoted to food from various states of India. And the one I patronize most is Wazwan, the Kashmiri stall selling Gushtaba, Kokar Kanti, Tabak Maaz and Kahwah – saffron and almond flavoured Kashmiri tea. Gushtaba, minced lamb meatball in yogurt based gravy goes well with steamed rice. Kokar Kanti, succulent, fried cubes of chicken in a thick paste of tomato and chilly is absolutely divine. Wash it all down with a hot glass of Kahwah and all you can think of is a refreshing open air siesta.

The Rajasthani stall also stocks some delightful fare. My wife, who is a devout vegetarian as usual made a beeline for that one.

Anyways, all I can do now is, “burp” and sink into spicy reminiscence.

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