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The Father Of The Nation

2nd October. The day all Indians enjoy a mandatory holiday. The day politicians pay lip service to M K Gandhi. The day Shashi Tharoor twittered “Gandhiji said”Work is Workship” & we enjoy holiday on his birthday. He wld hv wanted us to work harder today”. It hurt our sentiments. What a spoil sport, why prick the conscience, when life is all jingalala (!!). Anyway, Congress immediately clarified that it was Mr. Tharoor’s personal opinion, that the party respected our desire to spent the entire day in silent, non violent contemplation of Gandhian ideals.

 The malls were full in the evening, a discount sale was on, movie tickets were soldout, tourist resorts were overbooked, bars were closed but homes were well stocked, Montblanc launched a golden pen in commemoration and restaurants offered special Gandhi Jayanti meals.

As the sun set, The Father of the Nation, bent over his staff, walked along the road to oblivion, in vain search of the truth to set us free.

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  1. SV
    October 8, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Ah! it is as though ‘work is worship’ on all other working days! Payday would certainly be an exception!
    I wonder if Gandhiji’s soul is still wandering about in search of happiness derived from seeing (good) interpretations of his philosophy…

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