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Bombay, Oops, Mumbai Masala…

On 3rd October, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief demonstrated the extent of his magnanimity to the world. He absolved the remorseful Karan Johar, of committing the heinous crime of calling “Mumbai”, “Bombay” in his recently released movie, “Wake Up, Sid”.

The act evidenced to all that despite his belligerent and acrimonious exterior, Mr. Raj Thackeray harboured a mellow heart, ever overwhelmed at the slightest hint of repentance. Kudos to Karan too, for as soon as the spiritual and financial implications of his transgression dawned on him, he rushed to Mr.Thackeray to register abject apologies.

It was a historical triumph for Ahimsa, for non violence, a day after the nation celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. Till yesterday, MNS ruthlessly attached job seekers from Bihar, wrecked shops selling Valentine day cards and broke a few limbs here and there to get their message across. Little did we realize that it was all in the noble cause of preserving our spiritual heritage and to deliver us from the anglicized demons that prostituted our sacred names? MNS, by subscribing to detachment, the overarching Indian philosophical mantra, had consistently dissociated itself from such trivial preoccupations like farmer suicides and drought.  They humbly aspired that Maharashtra, especially Mumbai (!!), remained exclusively for Marathi Manoos and that no one ever dared to utter the word, Bombay.   Thus, the MNS chief, by dismissing the misconduct with and indulgent reprimand, underscored the commitment of MNS to rebuild Maharashtra, as an egalitarian, vibrant and tolerant, Ramarajya.   

So, “Wake Up, World”, refrain from the obvious conclusions. This is not an instance of a political hooligan extracting his pound of flesh from a gutless film maker. Look beyond. Endeavour to understand the cosmic significance of the encounter. And if you cannot get that into you, we know how to shove Mumbai down your throat.

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