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Trivial Controversies

In India, we have a penchant for trivial controversies.

Sometime back, there was a great hue and cry about the former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam being frisked at an airport. No one seemed to care that it is a routine security check to ensure safety of all passengers. Dr. Kalam was silent on the matter, but the debate ran on vociferously in the media for a week.

The latest one is about an innocuous comment in Twitter by Shashi Tharoor on cattle class and holy cow, the economics of air travel. An innocent take on the current govenrment’s ostensible austerity measures, the remark is being blown out of proportion. Suddenly the cow is finding itself at the centre of a controversy beyond bovine imagination. Shashi Tharoor will henceforth be Shashi Cattleclass Tharoor, branding him the champion of Holy Cow politics. I guess, he would achieve a new perspective of India – from midnight to milennium.

Ultimately, it all boils down to sickening opportunism and a severe lack of sense of humor. It’s the price Mr. Tharoor has to pay for courting Indian politics. He had better moo and enjoy it.

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