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Food Junkie

When it came to grub, there was a time I used to say “Anything Goes”. But as I have turned grayer, I have become more finicky.

Gurgaon is a veritable paradise for food buffs, but if you want decent stuff at an affordable price, boy you are in trouble. We were out hunting for such an elusive outlet when we chanced upon China Bowl. It’s a small restaurant housed in the basement of Qutub Plaza, in DLF Phase 1.

I’m a Chinese food aficionado and the place was pure delight. Apart from Chinese they also had a handsome range of Tibetan, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, and a smattering of Korean, all within my wallet’s reach. And what’s more, they served pork, which was a rarity. These days,  China Bowl has become one of my weekly haunts, where I can placidly dig into Sha Phale (Tibetan tempura stuffed with minced chicken), crispy pork salt and pepper, Manchow soup and Burmese chicken curry with steamed rise, knowing full well that no severe damage will come to the monthly budget.

I have never met the  proprietor, but I am sure a lot of goodwill is piling up on his behalf for the gastronomic salvation he continues to champion. I am thinking of petitioning Vatican to beatify him. Amen

For those of you who are drooling already, the address is

China Bowl
A-5, Qutub Plaza, DLF Phase-I, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Tel: 0124-4381938
Mobile: 9810304133, 9810792973
Contact: Mr. Manoj/ Mr. Rawat

Foodiebay’s China Bowl Menu can be found here: Link

P.S: Hey, I am not endorsing or advertising for the restaurant. They would be crazy to pay me for a blog no one ever reads.

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