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Chain Mails

Usually, I delete chain mails. They come in many guises, mostly exhorting compassion and kindness or endorsing Confusius or Deepak Chopra, with a dire warning in the end in case I choose not to forward the message to 20 people or delete it.

Then came this message – the only one I ever chose to forward. Sparkling with spiritual wit. Here it is….


“A beautiful dress is of no use until it inspires someone to take it off.” 
                                                                                 – SWAMI VIJAY MALLYA

Please forward this mail to 10 people…Miracle awaits you.
* Gopalan FORWARDED this mail to 10 people and that day evening he got a bottle of White Rum *
* When he got the mail, Rajappan believed it and FORWARDED to 15 people and next day morning his uncle c a me from Gulf with a bottle of Johnny Walker**.
 (** Red Label Only)
* Shashi received the mail and DELETED it. His Brandy Bottle fell from the table and broke. He lost all his Brandy.
* An Army Officer received this mail and he FORWARDED it to 20 people and same day Government increased his Monthly Liquor quota
* Sura received this mail and DELETED it and also made fun of the mail. The same day the Bar near his house closed down.

 * Two unmarried spinsters were presented a litre bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label (only) after they sent it to a blind date website and both got e-screwed !

 Please forward, it to as many people as you can. You will see a Miracle happening in your life. Please do not delete it. This mail is not a joke.

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